HNTI – Zerust

Zerust ICT VCI Bags

Zerust ICT VCI Poly Bags provide convenient and proven protection against corrosion damage for metals in shipping and storage. They are available in ferrous, non-ferrous, anti-tarnish, and multimetal protection types and in various flat and gusseted sizes.

Zerust ICT520-SRA VCI Plastic Scrim

Protect metal parts from corrosion and damage in shipping and storage with one product, Zerust/Excor VCI Poly Scrim. This durable polyethylene fabric, contains woven strands for strength and tear resistance, as well as Zerust VCI protection.

Zerust ICT Tote Covers

Zerust ICT Tote Covers are so easy to use – you can’t afford NOT to use them to protect metal parts from both contamination and corrosion. Machine shops, metal assembly operations, and finishing companies use stackable plastic totes for temporary storage of oil-coated metal parts…

HDPE laminated VCI Paper Roll

Protect metal parts from corrosion and from damage in shipping with one product. Zerust Plastic Scrim is a woven, high strength, tear resistant, and durable polyethylene fabric.

Zerust Axxanol 33

Zerust Axxanol 33 rust preventative oil provides powerful corrosion protection against aggressive environments such as salt air and humidity for ferrous and some non-ferrous metals. It provides protection for up to 12 months under shelter.

Zerust Axxanol 34CD

Zerust Axxanol™ 34CD is a solvent-based rust preventive coating that leaves a very light, oily film on the protected surface.