MCT Brattberg

MCT Brattberg - Multi Cable and Pipe Transit

MCT Brattberg, a brand from Sweden is the Originator & Pioneer in Multi Cable Transit Solution across the globe – A modular framework for pipes and cable transits that prevents various industrial hazards like fire, water, gas, chemicals, explosions etc.

We leverage state of art expertise to customize solutions based upon the requirements and applications of our esteemed clients in Ports, Hospitality, Metro & Railways, Power-Thermal-Solar Plant, Marine, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Clean Room Application, Pharmaceutical, Commercial, Food Processing Industry & Transportation sector.

MCT Brattberg RFCS (Retrofit Cabinet Seal )

Innovative open able/retrofit alternative to heavy duty plug in connector and cable glands
plates in cabinets.
The unique MCT Brattberg RFCS is available in three basic sizes of 10, 12 & 16 with an extension
provision to size 20, 24 & 32 respectively.


MCT Brattberg’s insert blocks are manufactured from Lycron, a synthetic polymer that was developed to withstand fire, explosions, temperature variation, ageing, radiation and rodents. The blocks are injection moulded giving precision components to a high degree of accuracy. Standard blocks are available for cable diameters from 3,5 – 110 mm.


Material: Lycron (EPDM rubber based)
Color: Pink
Working temperature: -40 to +70 degrees C
Oxygen index: 31%
Thermal conductivity: 0.15 W/mK
Electrical insulation: > 20 kV AC/mm
Smoke index: 47.6
Hardness: 78-88 IRHD


  • The frames are strong enough to withstand extreme conditions, e.g. shock and vibration of ship bulkheads and decks.
  • Each corner is multiple-welded (at least two welds) to meet the requirements of a destruction test.
  • Robotic welding is used to maintain uniform and consistent high-quality welds.
  • Tight dimensional tolerances to maintain the defined functionality of insert blocks and other components.
  • The inner surfaces are smooth and free from residual weld spatter to facilitate insert block packing.


  • Testing and certification are carried out on all products for safety and functionality according to the standards of the major authorities.
  • Independent witnesses are allowed to visit factory, processing and testing facilities.

We Serve

We supply Multi Cable Transit System to EPC Contracts Companies & Infrastructure Companies, Also Oil & Gas Industries, Chemical Process Plant, Nuclear Plant, Railway, Metro & Power Plant.